About us

Sandra Tricoli

Director of Savvy Creations PR

Who are we?

Located in Perth, Savvy Creations is a PR consultancy, marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and event management agency. We work to a set of ethics and principles that reflect our sense of social responsibility and ensure that we deliver the desired and promised PR and marketing results for our clients.

Sandra Tricoli who is the Director of Savvy Creations PR, established the Agency in 2015. Sandra Tricoli holds a degree in communications with a double Major in Journalism and Public Relations and has experience working with many national and international business sectors. She is known for her persistent work morality and passion for innovation, communication, and creation. Savvy Creations pride themselves on establishing lifelong relationships with their clients.

Savvy Creations believes in developing contacts with reputable firms, so our clients benefit from the relationships we have with marketers, bloggers and PR event industry influencers. We provide all the services under one umbrella. We’ve built a team of experts, so our clients benefit from better planning and a quicker response time. Above all, customers’ convenience is our priority. In addition, we provide social media courses  where we teach our clients on how to use social media to engage with their target market. The social platforms that we educate our clients on are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Our team believes in blending years of experience with the dynamic creativity of the modern digital world. Our business strategy revolves around the fact that we have to grow with our customers. At the core of our business are strong long-term relationships with our clients and industry influencers. We partner with our clients to develop communication strategies which lead them towards the success of their business.

Savvy Creations PR cultivate a diverse team that upholds global standards and international PR practices through delivering strategies that are significant, creative and measurable.