5 tips to Creating Stand out Copy

Five Tips to Creating Standout Copy for Your Business

Words are an easily accessible promotional tool, and fabulous copy can make a lasting impression. Poor text, on the other hand, may be detrimental to branding and drive away clients.

You want words that work. And while there are endless tips and tricks online, getting the basics right is your best bet.

What exactly are you trying to say?

I want to appear skilled and reliable, communicate a story, be memorable and entertaining, transform readers into customers… With all these thoughts swirling, it’s easy to end up with busy, messy copy that overwhelms and alienates your target market.

Sounds simple, but defining what must be conveyed is important. Be clear on your vision for your business, and from the outset only produce copy in keeping with an overall strategy. Don’t lose sight of the core message, and get those facts in upfront.

Maintain a consistent tone.

You need copy with a recognisable “voice”. Creating an impression of your business is basic branding. This is consolidated by the material you put out into the world. Humorous or serious text, references to trending topics: the style you choose shapes people’s perceptions of your company.

Think of copy as having personality. A business image will be muddled by text that changes tone. Having one person write the copy is ideal, but if the duty is shared, create a basic guideline. Include key word suggestions, general sentence length limits, and preferred word counts.

Keep it concise.

There’s always a person at any gathering who loves the sound of their own voice. Don’t be that person online. Even if you have a lot to say, tight text is best. Everyone is busy, and watching the word counts shows you respect clients enough not to waste their time.

Writers who aren’t sure what they want to say use unnecessary filler. Be authentically true to yourself, and your mission in business. Know the purpose of each piece of copy. Stay on target with every email, blog, and post to establish credibility over time.

Try not to bore people.

Business copy isn’t a school assignment. If you’re bored while writing it, chances are people will zone out reading it. Avoid sounding like you’ve bookmarked an online thesaurus. Clear, simple language is often a smarter choice. The endgame is to forge a connection.

Let your passion for your business shine through. Like a diamond in the rough, enthusiastic material can then be shaped into something dazzling. Great copy can make even a lacklustre topic seem interesting, and relevant. That is the marketing goal.

Prep, and edit.

Make sure you set aside time to think, and plan—whether a single post, or your overall strategy. The mind needs space to come up with amazing new ideas. And while prepping is important, editing is also integral to standout copy.

How many times have you seen variations of, if I’d known this would go viral, I’d have checked the spelling first? Proofreading matters. When a brand spells its own name wrong, or misspells a trending hashtag, people notice. Pause, and take a moment to scan the copy before you share.