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Your Business Guide to Digital Marketing

Running a small business often means that you have to make the most of a limited budget. A crucial part of getting people to find out about your business is to craft an interesting digital marketing strategy that will catch the eye of your potential clients. If you know anything about marketing, you have probably […]

5 tips to Creating Stand out Copy

Five Tips to Creating Standout Copy for Your Business Words are an easily accessible promotional tool, and fabulous copy can make a lasting impression. Poor text, on the other hand, may be detrimental to branding and drive away clients. You want words that work. And while there are endless tips and tricks online, getting the […]

The Power of Video

The power of videos on social media for businesses is increasing exponentially. Over the years the number of users who watch videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube has skyrocketed. This type of content is a great opportunity for business owners to take advantage of and utilise for their own social media campaign strategy. Users of […]

3 Top Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign

Consistency Consistency is Key. Whether it be exercising, dieting, or posting on your business’ social media channels… consistency is the most important aspect for a successful social media campaign. What do I mean by consistency? One aspect is the amount of posts uploaded to each social media channel per week. Some social media channels that […]

Savvy Tips for Mastering Content Marketing

Social media is now one of the best ways to market yourself and your business. In the last year alone, over 336 million new users joined social media, this works out as more than 1 million people joining social media every day. So, why is it so important to master your content marketing techniques? Creating […]

The Importance of Renewing Website Content for SEO Purposes

If your website or business webpage is outdated and has not been tweaked or improved in a while, you should know that the SEO of your website is taking a hit. Here is why you should look renewing your website content for SEO so that it continues to perform well in SERPs. Algorithm Updates Search […]

How to Differentiate Between Writing for Digital and Print

When was the last time you read a magazine? Did you get that nostalgic feeling because it’s something you don’t often do anymore? With the digital world evolving we can now read the same content online, for free. Even though both types of writing aim to engage and educate the reader they require different skills […]

Why Content Is Critical For Your Website & How To Update It

Keeping content on your website can become time-consuming, but there are so many reasons why it is so important to keep your online presence active! The online presence you create for your business is crucial as it is usually the first place visitors go when they want to find out more about you. Most people […]

Getting Started with Instagram for Your Business

Instagram has become the best place for online marketing, and it is the biggest competition to other social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. This is why any business has a great chance of increasing its customers when they use Instagram; because social media presence allows more people to learn about your business. Instagram […]