Why Quality Beats Quantity

Quality beats quantity. Every. Single. Time

Although it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers of how many followers you have, ultimately these numbers are irrelevant if they aren’t converting.

Having a smaller pool of followers on your social media platforms who are engaged in your content and interested in what you have on offer is far more beneficial to your business. These are the people that may like and share your content, will stop scrolling to look at what you have to say and will hopefully provide revenue.

These genuinely interested audiences are built over time, they cannot be achieved through following one thousand people in a day just in the hope that a few will follow you back.

But how do you find quality followers?

Finding new and valuable followers is usually a slow process. One way to lure in the right people comes from using hashtags that are relevant to your industry and that people will be searching for if they’re in need of your product or service. Additionally seeking out people who engage with brands on social media that are similar or complimentary to yours is an effective method (e.g. people who follow one local swimwear company are more inclined to follow others because they have already shown an interest in this specific industry).

Your advertisements are of course another method of building a quality following. If you’re able to dish out some money you are able to target people who are interested in what you have on offer. It is important to specify who you’re targeting in your social media and online advertising as targeted ads mean that the money you are investing will result in valuable followers who are more likely to engage in business with you.

Another area of social media that you can apply quality over quantity to is content.

Posting fifteen quality pieces of content in a month is the far superior option to positing mediocre content multiple times a day. It is not particularly realistic to be able to continue to pump out tonnes and tonnes of great content that your followers remain engaged in without burning out creatively. Pacing yourself and your content will ensure the quality remains top-notch.

This will also prevent people from unfollowing you. If you’re posting too often, you’re content is bound to get repetitive which will bore your followers or they’ll simply get annoyed with the over-saturation of your content on their feed. Your content will lose all of its power and its ability to draw in your audience if there is too much of it—they will begin to scroll right past your post.

Once you have obtained a valuable follower, it is your job to hold on to them by making them want to stop and look at your post and by providing something of value to them in your content. This can be in the form of teaching them something, helping them feel happy or understood, or even just making them laugh.

Ultimately, numbers are not a reflection of the relationships that can be built, they don’t show how successful your business is nor do they show how you are adding value to the day of your customer. Quality beats quantity. Every. Single. Time.