How To Build A Personal Brand Online

Often when building a brand, we don’t invest enough time on which platform we are building our brands on. We go ahead and start developing our online brand on multiple platforms without even knowing if it will work or not.

Yes, building your brand is extremely important but so is the foundation. You want to make sure you are building in the right area and on a platform that is going to have long-term benefits. In our latest blog post, we will discuss how and where to build a personal brand online.

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The Benefits Of Doing Video Marketing For Social Media

One of the most powerful forms of marketing in 2018 is video. Video marketing communicates messages quicker than text does, it’s a platform we can watch and listen to that is often highly engaging.

If you not using video marketing as part of your social media efforts, you could be leaving a lot on the table. Think about it; your audience may share commonalities, but they consume information differently. Some may prefer articles like this one, others may prefer podcasts or videos. Therefore, using different platforms to promote and distribute content will properly communicate with your audience. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using video as part of your social media strategy and how it can help you.

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social media tips

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

In the process of starting a new business? Or perhaps you have a business up and running but you haven’t branched out to the many social platforms out there. We get it, there are hundreds of social media platforms out there, which one is your business fit for?

In this blog post, we will discuss vital social media tips you can start implementing today. However, you can’t rely on these tips to carry your online presence. Established social media accounts take time and effort.

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social media strategy top 10 tips

Social Media Strategy: Top 10 Tips On How To Stand Out On Social Media In The Corporate World

In today’s fast-paced society, social media is the only networking tool which can be used to progress and thrive in the world of business. At Savvy Creations PR, we provide the kind of social media strategy and presence which establishes an acclaimed and reliable image, as well as expanding the target market for your brand or business. Yes, SEO  is crucial for a brand, but Social Media is the most convenient and efficient option when it comes to promoting your product/service, and building a unique relationship with your clients through continuous interactions. Read more

new age pr and how it can help your business

New Age PR And How It Can Help Your Business

There seems to be a misconception about what Public Relations is, what it does for your business and why you even need PR services for your business.

The truth is you don’t need PR for your business, just like you don’t need a website, social media, or even a mobile phone, but could you imagine where your business would be without these fundamental tools to help you move forward.

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